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Monday, September 23, 2013


It's officially fall, let the crafting begin!  'Tis the season of pretty trees, comfy flannel shirts, and, of course, crafting with friends!  A few gals and I got together this weekend for a wreath-making bash, which, I must say, was surprisingly successful.  (Oh yeah, it helps when one of your friends works at Joann Fabrics...and knows everything about everything in the craft world.  SCORE!)

I went with some felt flowers, which were super easy to make, and added a few hints of faux berries.  All of these rosettes were made from about 6 sheets of felt (I bought 12...just in case!).  The bow was made with some scrap muslin that I tore into a long strip.  All in all, this project cost a whopping $13  (thanks to all my Michael's coupons)!

Helpful hints:
-a hot-glue gun is a must for this project.  Mine is the "high heat" mini gun from WalMart.
-use nice fabric scissors for cutting felt (makes detailed cutting SO much easier).
-be sure to bring champagne to share with friends, it lightens up the mood for all the OCD crafters...myself included in this category!

Cheers to craft season: may all your Pinterest DIY fantasies come true!

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